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Portfolio Examples

Non-Disclosures prevent me from naming the many Fortune-500 and Silicon Valley websites to which I've contributed as an agency developer, for example, a single-page webapp for a Fortune-50 cable provider that required 10,000 lines of javascript/jQuery.
So here's a few examples of production websites and webapps that I've developed and implemented for my direct clients:

Forex Trading, iPad webapp,
HTML5, Websockets, Structured Javascript

Foreign Exchange Trader Desk

Responsibilities: Responsible for the visual metaphor, content specification, frontend design and implementation on an aggressive deadline (I'm accustomed to working with startups, demos, and trade show timelines.) Extremely dynamic iPad Foreign Exchange ('forex') Trader HTML5 webapp. Floated, fluid layout, CSS 3.1, no inline styles. Structured JavaScript with namespaces, dynamic visual elements and objects instantiated via constructor-generated widgets; content added to the DOM via js. Cross-browser: iPad (Mobile Safari) webapp, but also viewable with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome via dynamic event attachment that automatically configures Touch events or drag-and-drop at onload depending on the viewer's platform. Re-branded and published to an Amazon EC2 cloud instance for my client's client. (Not ported to Internet Exploder <v11).

Rigorously asynchronous event driven webapp controlled by 1200 lines of original structured JavaScript exploiting workspaces, constructors, objects, and widgets. Realtime data consumed from numerous persistent websocket connections via Kaazing HTML5 Websocket API, both command/response and topic streams.

Features: Floated, fluid layout; no inline styles. No images employed other than country flags — all effects are implemented via CSS 3.1

Tools: Dreamweaver code panel, Photoshop CS-5, Kaazing HTML5 Websocket API, jQuery, SFTP (FileZilla/Pageant RSA)

iPad Webapp, HTML5,
appMobi® iOS app, structured JavaScript

21st Century Shopping Experience

iPad Webapp

Responsibilities: Responsible for frontend design, development, and testing on a short timeline (trade show). HTML5, CSS 3.1, JavaScript, Kaazing Websocket consumer, appMobi camera & barcode reader API, and appMobi 1Touch purchasing. Built as an iOS webapp using appMobi XDK and Mobius browser, yet cross-browser debugged for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE-9 to facilitate stakeholder reviews. (webapp — not IE 6-8 compatible)

Features: Floated, fluid layout; no inline styles. Collaborated with a talented agency creative and sliced the resulting Photoshop .psd to yield approximately one hundred background images employed in css. Structured JavaScript employing namespaces, and functional objects which encapsulate related properties and methods.

Tools: Eclipse IDE, appMobi XDK, API, and cloud services; Kaazing HTML5 Websocket API, extensive Photoshop CS-5 layer slicing and sprites, SFTP

Interactive satellite imagery,
Dynamic database-driven pages

Geology Park, LLC

Responsibilities: Responsible for adding new features to this 1,000-page .jsp website initially developed circa 2002 with HTML4. New development is HTML5.

Developed JavaScript to transform and render chemical formulas and format Hermann-Manguin optical properties; implemented Google AdSense, Google Analytics, eBay linkage, and Amazon store; built and maintain Unfuddle SVN repository for source code, and added new branches:

  1. Developed JSON/AJAX modules and JavaScript to embed over 85 dynamic pages which integrate interactive Google Maps and TerraServer imagery. An example can be seen here.
  2. Developed both front and back end code to implement a Mineral Database using HTML5, jQuery, jsp/JSTL, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, and connectors, seen here.
  3. Implemented an extreme photo gallery including all image processing to produce thumbnails, brand photos, and optimize images. It may be seen here.

Webmaster: Apache, Tomcat, MySQL

Coral Reef Foundation

Steve Stone Coral Reef Foundation

My client designed their home page, provided a ream of scientific information regarding coral reefs, dozens of high density professional photographs, and asked me to take it from there. This 501-C(3) Charitable Foundation was seeking a modern website which would endure for the next decade, so I developed a wireframe from which I subsequently designed and developed an HTML5 / CSS3 site that would bring them into the 21st century.

Responsibilities: Complete responsibility for designing and producing the UI and website, including the visual metaphor, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Dreamweaver templates, photo processing, stakeholder reviews, and all page production. Webmaster: Linux/Apache

Features: tableless, frameless, css-positioned, no inline styles, HTML5 video, cross-browser.

Chevelle Specialties

Chevelle Specialties

Objective: My client wanted an entirely new look-and-feel for his website couped with the ability to maintain his website and add photo galleries without having to acquire development tools such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

Responsibilities: Following some research, I chose GoDaddy's "Website Tonight" product for his purposes. After obtaining concurrence on the wireframe, I selected a template from GoDaddy's library, created a new logo and masthead, and developed the red Chevelle image with its reflection to meet his branding objectives; modified the template, css, and images, created photo galleries, and built the 'landing' and detail pages. Following publication, I trained him in the use of the WebsiteTonight editor to add and revise photos, galleries, and copy to meet his ongoing needs.

Corvette Arizona

Corvette Performance Arizona
Corvettes and Caffeine

Responsibilities: Created visual metaphor and comps, created masthead, produced graphics and processed countless photos, developed css and Dreamweaver templates, researched and authored content, and produced all pages. Webmaster since 2009.

Features: tableless, frameless, css-positioned, cross-browser tested; adaptive forms and validation of user input for their "Preferred Customer" application.

Tools: Dreamweaver, Photoshop CS5, jQuery

entire site:

W3C xhtml 1.0 Validated W3C css Level 2.1 Validated