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Thank you for visiting my online profile. My early technical origins lie in kernel software engineering and distributed, highly-available computer hardware architecture, now complemented with over a decade of hands-on work in web frontend development with HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS and Angular; particularly hand-coding and debugging standards-compliant and cross-browser compatible html/css/JavaScript using Eclipse Mars & Neon, IntelliJ IDEA, Xcode, and Dreamweaver. I enjoy collaborating with talented visual creatives to produce compelling UIs, work regularly with and slice pixel-positioned Photoshop comps, create and use sprites, and am endeared with the XMLhttpRequest object, AJAX, JSON, and a range of mobile APIs.

As a contractor, I spend my time developing new websites/webapps for a wide range of clients, and providing significant refreshes of existing sites for Fortune 500 enterprises and interesting startups.

Skills Summary:

  • Extensive experience hand-coding front-end UIs and middle-tier X/DHTML, HTML5, and CSS3 with complex selectors
    • frameless, table-less, fluid, floated, and pixel-positioned cross-browser layout
    • "slice and dice" Photoshop comps, produce sprites, and develop fluid, responsive css
    • highly experienced with cross-browser testing and debugging,
      my typical deliverable is html/css/js-debugged for all Class A browsers on Windows and Mac, plus iPad
    • have developed HTML5 iPad webapps, and standalone-wrapper compatible websites using a single code base
    • experienced hand-coding frontend and middle-tier solutions with Eclipse, IntelliJ, Dreamweaver, and other IDEs
  • Developed numerous highly interactive "Web 2.0" websites and webapps using JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX/Java/JDBC
  • Experienced with OO JavaScript (literal and constructor notation), traversing and modifying the DOM, document fragments
  • Experienced with namespacing to keep the window object uncluttered and avoid naming collisions
  • Experienced with jQuery core, UI, Ajax, countless jQ plugins and widgets
  • Extensively experienced with MVC architectures, Ajax , and consuming REST services
  • Angular / Google Materials
    • Experienced with AngularJS (apps, controllers, factories, services, directives, interceptors)
    • Converted an AngularJS 1.7 / ES5 app to Angular 4.0 / TypeScript ES6
    • Developed a static Angular 4.0 / Typescript website for a Silicon Valley startup
    • Developed two non-trivial Angular 6 / Typescript / Google Materials dynamic websites
  • Visualization: Moderately experienced with svg, canvas, D3.js and Sigma.js, force-directed network graphs
  • Experienced with HTML5 video, audio, local storage, session storage, websockets, and other HTML5 features,
  • JSON, AJAX, XML, XSL, Google Maps API, MS TerraServer imagery API (see some "projects")
  • Experienced with HTML5 websockets, Stomp, ActiveMQ topics and queues (including AngularJS ws:// service)
  • Experienced with appMobi XDK and API for iPad and iPhone mobile webapps
  • Experienced with Subversion, git, Subclipse, TortoiseGit, and Tortoise SVN
  • Experienced (and a proponent of) Agile/Scrum/Kanban/Safe, Jira, Rally, and BaseCamp
  • Experienced with jsp and JSTL, extending Java HTTPservlet, filters, listeners, and developing custom JAAS login modules
  • Experienced with IntelliJ, Eclipse, Apache, Tomcat, Boss, and other deployment and deployment environments
  • Experienced customizing Lightspeed eCommerce web stores
  • Implemented Google AdSense, Analytics, Maps V2 & V3, and Webmaster Tools (GWT)
  • Consumer of, eBay,, and TerraServer APIs
  • Implemented a wide range of Web 2.0 RIAs including interactive mapping APIs and production video:
    • implemented UIs for a range of video using HTML5 video and fallbacks for IE
    • transcoded a wide range of .vob, .mxf, .mov, and other videos to .flv, .ogg, .webm, and H.264/.mp4
    • familiar with Sorenson Squeeze, Handbrake, Toast, Final Cut, and Flowplayer software (Snow Leopard and Win)
    • familiar with switcher hardware, DVRs; P2 media, peripherals, and drivers; LaCie RAIDed storage
    • Experienced digital still motion and DVCProHD P2 media support tech
  • Extensive experience with Adobe Creative Suite thru CS6 (particularly Photoshop , Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Acrobat)
  • Experienced SysAdmin for Linux/ Unix (rhel/centos/ubuntu/suse/Solaris), Apache, Tomcat, and Windows Workstation all versions
  • Strong unix ftp, FileZilla ftp, WS-FTP Pro, putty, pageant, ssh, and other web publishing tools
  • Strong Microsoft Office Professional including VB macros and modules
  • Basic knowledge of Section 508 requirements for Accessible Websites

Related Skills and Experience:

  • Domain knowledge:
    • Computer Hardware and Software, Vendor perspective
    • Technology Customer Services
    • Video formats, transcoding, and presentation on the web with HTML5 <video> and Flash fallbacks
    • Retail Equity Brokerage Front & Back office; Foreign Exchange desk (NYC Wall St 'graduate')
    • Server "Green Energy" Analytics
    • Geology
    • Classic Cars
  • Webmaster for many sites shown in my Portfolio; my customary target environment is Unix/Linux
  • Experienced building and maintaining a large website (over 1,000 pages)
  • Developed JavaScript, jsp, JSTL, Java, and Excel formulas to automate and accelerate site development, e.g.:
    • emit "well-formed" XML database from a large Excel workbook
    • emit JSON database from an Excel workbook
    • Generate and emit large numbers of jsp:include files
    • Interpret database of chemical formulas, dynamically reformat with a jQuery Widget
    • Interpret database of optical properties, generate, and emit markup with
      Greek character entities and Hermann-Mauguin notation using client-side JavaScript
  • Created and/or edited an extensive range of graphics, images, sprites, and photographs using Adobe Photoshop
  • Authored and/or edited technical content on a wide range of topics
  • Provided digital photography and participated in professional photo shoots for web content


 Member, American Mensa Member, IEEE Computer Society